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Eagles Youth Sports has set up Volleyball uniforms at Sports Authority Team sales this year.  The entire uniform will be available at this location.  Team Sales entrance is located on the South West end of the building. You can enter through the store or from the outside of the building.

Sports Authority Team Sales
E County Line Rd Lone Tree, CO 80124
(303) 792-3374
Jerseys – Green jersey with Eagles Logo on the Front. Jerseys are on the shelf with no name or number (just Eagles logo). Once you choose a size you will give the sales associate your players number and they will get them printed for you. (This can take 1 – 2 days) Sports Authority will call you when your jersey is ready for pickup. Please make sure that the number has been approved by your Coach before you print. (Printed Jerseys are non-refundable)
ShortsBlack Shorts. (They are available in the teams store next to the jerseys)

Socks - Are optional but they are available in the team store.
The total for the Uniform is around $40. Seven dollars if you are   

You can purchase addition Volleyball equipment shoes, kneepads, ect. at a discounted price if you bring your items to the team sales clerk. You do not get the discount at the main store register. This only applies to Volleyball related items.  

Ask a Teams Sales associate if you have any questions on what needs to be purchased. This is the only approved Uniform for the 2014 season. Do not modify or go out and purchase your own uniform. AYL requires that all uniforms and color schemes be approved by the board prior to each season. Teams are required to wear matching uniforms.